In broad strokes, we offer three ways of earning money promoting FusionCash:

  • If you can deliver less than 100 new members per month, you should use the referral program. You earn $1 when your referral confirms their email address, $2 when they complete their first offer or survey, and $5 when they cashout (for life). All you have to do to promote FusionCash this way is register and then click the 'Refer Friends' link at the bottom of the page to access your personalized referral link.
  • You can promote FusionCash through one of our affiliate network partners, such as MaxBounty or Panthera, at any monthly volume level.
  • Lastly, if you can deliver more than 100 new members per month, we can discuss our in-house affiliate program, which has a number of benefits over the referral program. Please note that there are a number of requirements for the affiliate program, including a fully functioning website or other viable means of high volume promotion. Contact us if this sounds like you.


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